How to Prepare your Gas Grill for Grilling

Grilling season is on the rise with the transition into summertime and many grillers will soon be opening up their store rooms and dusting the dirt off of the grills they had used and put away last season. While you might be tempted to just remove the cover and flick open the lid of the grill and right away call your friends and family over and start grilling, you will be surprised to read what you can do before the grilling process to make it safer and easier for you and your guests. Here are some steps necessary to take before starting to grill on a gas grill which has been unused for a long time.

Check for Leaks and Breakages

This is a safety precaution which if missed could lead to hazardous fires which can be very dangerous for people standing near the gas grill and should never be missed or tested. Always check for leaks in pipes in your gas grill before operating it to be safe. Trace your fingers along the natural gas pipeline if you have a natural gas grill to make sure that there are no leaks or holes in it. In the case of a propane grill, check the propane hose for any holes or breakages. You must proceed with a lot of caution and call someone to repair your gas connection if it is damaged. You might even call a professional to make sure whether it is damaged or not if you do not trust your own judgment.

Clean the Gunk Tray

The grease trap is a metal tray under your gas grill which you can just pull out easily. If, like most gas grill users, you had forgotten that the tray existed, there will be a lot of gunk inside it which you should scrub at and then empty into a trashcan. Consider lining your gunk tray with aluminum foil for an easy cleanup. After every few uses you can just scrunch up the foil and throw it away will the entire gunk inside it. Reinsert the tray after giving it a good dump.

Scrub the gas Grill

Clean the gas grill’s surface as much as you can before using it. Wipe the burners clean, scrub the grates, and dust the surface. An effective cleaning could be achieved if you take everything out like the grates and then scrub them with a cleaning brush or a toothbrush dipped in dishwater and then wiping them clean with a damp cloth. For more hacks and tips along with best gas grills reviews and consumer guide read this article before purchasing gas grills online.

Check Before Grilling

Last but not least, you should always give your gas grill a test run before actually cooking. Turn on the burners to burn away any remaining gunk on them and watch over the gas grill to make sure that it is working correctly and that there are no leaks.

The bottom line is that it is better to be safe than sorry with equipment which are packed with fire such as the gas grill. It is also more convenient to operate it again when it is clean.